What does Tantalizing Hair Xtensions do better than the competition?
Our weaves are very flat , 3 techniques practised we are not “stingy” with our hair as you will find with most “Salons”. We make sure the hair extensions are done with the appropriate fullness.

Do you require pre-booking of your service?
Yes pre-booking would be appreciated

How much notice is required?
Tantalizing Hair Xtensions require 24 hours notice for a cancellation

What is the preferred method of receiving orders or bookings?
We prefer phone orders or bookings

How much will it cost to get hair extensions?
Depends on the requirements, please contact us for a price we are happy to work out a price that best suits you.

Can my particular hair type carry hair extensions?
Any hair type can support hair extensions as long as it is three inches or longer in length: Afro � European � Asian. As long as you choose the appropriate technique, we can help you with any concerns.

Will people be able to tell I am wearing Hair extensions?
The system used makes the connections unidentifiable, as they are translucent. Therefore blend with all hair colours easily. Also a free area is left with no connections should you wish to tie your hair back

Is the hair you use 100% Human Hair?
At Tantalizing Xtensions we only use the best choice of Human hair. It is the best choice to use. Please note: Sometimes it is not the price or that the type of Hair but the process that the hair has been through. Some salons say that they use only European hair but infact are really using a lower grade type of hair which Customers are not informed about. Human hair is usually tangle free and feels silky.

How long will the hair extensions last?
Usually around 3 months is how, long the extensions will last. By this point in time your hair is starting to grow. After a period of six weeks the client is advised to return for a check up so to speak.